Medical Problems of Performing ArtistsMedical Problems of Performing Artists

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In memory of
Alice G. Brandfonbrener, MD

A pioneer in the field of performing arts medicine
and founding editor of MPPA.

The Voice The Voice
A Medical Guide for Achieving and Maintaining a Healthy Voice
By Yolanda D. Heman-Ackah, Robert T. Sataloff, and Mary J. Hawkshaw
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Performing Arts Medicine, 3rd ed. Performing Arts Medicine, 3rd ed.
Edited by Robert T. Sataloff, Alice G. Brandfonbrener, and Richard J. Lederman
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Medical Problems of Performing Artists is the first clinical medical journal devoted to the etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of medical and psychological disorders related to the performing arts. Original peer-reviewed research papers cover topics including neurologic disorders, musculoskeletal conditions, voice and hearing disorders, anxieties, stress, substance abuse, and other health issues related to actors, dancers, singers, musicians, and other performers.

Editor: Ralph A. Manchester, MD
Assoc. Editor-Dance: Donna Krasnow, PhD
Official journal of the Performing Arts Medical Association (PAMA),
the Dutch Performing Arts Medicine Association (NVDMG),
and the Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare (ASPAH).

Current Issue

Medical Problems of Performing Artists - Volume 29 Issue 4
Volume 29, Number 4
December 2014

Table of Contents:
179Prevention of Performance-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders [Editorial] Ralph A. Manchester View this article for Free!
181Effect of a Musicians' Exercise Intervention on Performance- Related Musculoskeletal Disorders [AGB Award 2014] Cliffton Chan, Tim Driscoll, Bronwen J. Ackermann
189Lumbar Lordosis in Female Collegiate Dancers and Gymnasts Jatin P. Ambegaonkar, Amanda M. Caswell, Kristen L. Kenworthy, Nelson Cortes, Shane V. Caswell
193Metatarsal Pain and Plantar Hyperkeratosis in the Forefeet of Female Professional Flamenco Dancers José M. Castillo-López, Alfonso Vargas-Macías, Gabriel Domínguez-Maldonado, Guillermo Lafuente-Sotillos, Javier Ramos-Ortega, Inmaculada C. Palomo-Toucedo, María Reina-Bueno, Pedro V. Munuera-Martínez
198Foot and Ankle Pain and Injuries in Elite Adult Irish Dancers Roisin Cahalan, Helen Purtill, Peter O'Sullivan, Kieran O'Sullivan
207The m/r SEBT: Development of a Functional Screening Tool for Dance Educators Margaret Wilson, Glenna Batson
216Postural Stability Does Not Differ Among Female Sports with High Risk of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Nelson Cortes, Larissa D. Porter, Jatin P. Ambegaonkar, Shane V. Caswell
221Achilles and Patellar Tendon Morphology in Dancers with and without Tendon Pain Kornelia Kulig, Kari C. Oki, Yu-Jen Chang, Gregory R. Bashford
229An International Study on Dietary Supplementation Use in Dancers Derrick Brown, Matthew Wyon
235Injury Patterns and Rates Amongst Students at the National Institute of Circus Arts: An Observational Study David Munro
241Typical Musculoskeletal Patterns in Upper String Players with Neck and Arm Problems Albrecht Lahme, Iris Eibl, Franz-Xaver Reichl
243Nordic Dedication to Musicians' Health and Performance: A Successful Launch of the First Nordic Conference [Performing Arts Medicine Abroad] Ulrik Röijezon, Lars Nyberg, Helene M. Paarup View this article for Free!
246Abstracts from the Literature [Abstracts] William J. Dawson View this article for Free!
248Ergonomic Piano Keyboards [Letter] Rhonda Boyle View this article for Free!


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