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Medical Problems of Performing Artists is the first clinical medical journal devoted to the etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of medical and psychological disorders related to the performing arts. Original peer-reviewed research papers cover topics including neurologic disorders, musculoskeletal conditions, voice and hearing disorders, anxieties, stress, substance abuse, and other health issues related to actors, dancers, singers, musicians, and other performers.

Editor: Bronwen J. Ackermann, PT, PhD
Assoc Editor-Dance: Shaw Bronner, PT, PhD, OCS

Official journal of the Performing Arts Medical Association (PAMA),
the Dutch Performing Arts Medicine Association (NVDMG),
and the Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare (ASPAH).

Current Issue

Medical Problems of Performing Artists - Volume 33 Issue 1
Volume 33, Number 1
March 2018

Table of Contents:
1Prevalence of Orofacial Changes in Wind Instrumentalists: A Cross-Sectional Pilot Study in Brazil José Cristiano Ramos Glória, Amanda Âmbar Balestra, Nayara Santos Iasbik, Dhelfeson Willya Douglas-De-Oliveira, Olga Dumont Flecha, Patricia Furtado Gonçalves
6Impact of Changes in Playing Time on Playing-Related Musculoskeletal Pain in String Music Students Judith Robitaille, Yannick Tousignant-Laflamme, Manon Guay
14Health-Related Quality of Life in University Dance Students Hayley M. White, Johanna M. Hoch, Matthew C. Hoch
20Comparison of Lower Extremity Muscle Flexibility in Amateur and Trained Bharatanatyam Dancers and Nondancers Monica Sharma, Shibili Nuhmani, Deepti Wardhan, Qassim I. Muaidi
26Epidemiology, Treatment Efficacy, and Anxiety Aspects of Music Students Affected by Playing-Related Pain: A Retrospective Evaluation with Follow-up Christos I. Ioannou, Julia Hafer, André Lee, Eckart Altenmüller
39Effects of Aging on Musical Performance in Professional Orchestral Musicians Dianna T. Kenny, Tim Driscoll, Bronwen J. Ackermann
47Extent of Playing-Related Musculoskeletal Problems in the Irish Traditional Music Community: A Survey Mark Porter, Iseult M. Wilson, Liz Doherty, Justin Magee
56Musculoskeletal Assessments Used in Quantitatively Based Studies About Posture and Movement in High String Players: A Systematic Review [Review] Heike Schemmann, Nadine Rensing, Christoff Zalpour
72Dancer Wellness. M. Virginia Wilmerding and Donna H. Krasnow, eds. [Book Review] Esther C. Nolton View this article for Free!
73Managing Stage Fright: A Guide for Musicians and Music Teachers. By Julie Jaffee Nagel [Book Review] Patrick Gannon View this article for Free!
74PAM Day: Department of Performing Arts Medicine, University College London [meeting] [Performing Arts Medicine Abroad] Hara Trouli View this article for Free!
75Pain Across Artists' Lifespan [Editorial] Bronwen J. Ackermann View this article for Free!


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The Voice The Voice
A Medical Guide for Achieving and Maintaining a Healthy Voice
By Yolanda D. Heman-Ackah, Robert T. Sataloff, and Mary J. Hawkshaw
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Performing Arts Medicine, 3rd ed. Performing Arts Medicine, 3rd ed.
Edited by Robert T. Sataloff, Alice G. Brandfonbrener, and Richard J. Lederman
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In memory of
Alice G. Brandfonbrener, MD

A pioneer in the field of performing arts medicine
and founding editor of MPPA.

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