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Medical Problems of Performing Artists is the first clinical medical journal devoted to the etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of medical and psychological disorders related to the performing arts. Original peer-reviewed research papers cover topics including neurologic disorders, musculoskeletal conditions, voice and hearing disorders, anxieties, stress, substance abuse, and other health issues related to actors, dancers, singers, musicians, and other performers.

Editor: Bronwen J. Ackermann, PT, PhD
Assoc Editor-Dance: Shaw Bronner, PT, PhD, OCS

Official journal of the Dutch Performing Arts Medicine Association (NVDMG)
and the Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare (ASPAH).

Current Issue

Medical Problems of Performing Artists - Volume 36 Issue 1
Volume 36, Number 1
March 2021

Table of Contents:
1Impact of Psychic Traumatization on the Development of Musicians' Dystonia: Six Exploratory Case Studies [Open Access] Johann Schneider, Daniel S. Scholz, Eckart Altenmüller View this article for Free!
10Modified Graded Motor Imagery for Musicians' Focal Dystonia: A Case Series Marina Ramella, Francesca Borgnis, Giulia Giacobbi, Anna Castagna, Francesca Baglio, Marco Cortesi, Rosa Maria Converti
18Lower Limb Takeoff Mechanics During a Leap in Dancers With and Without Flexor Hallucis Longus Tendinopathy Hai-Jung Steffi Shih, K. Michael Rowley, Kornelia Kulig
27Reliability of a Barre-Mounted Dynamometer-Stabilizing Device in Measuring Dance-Specific Muscle Performance Melissa Strzelinski, Lori Thein Brody, Jo Armour Smith, Shaw Bronner
34Patellofemoral Chondropathy Areas in Folk Dancers: An MRI Study Neslihan Aksu, Vefa Atansay, Taner Aksu, Isik Karalok
39Heart Rate Response and Subjective Rating of Perceived Exertion to a Simulated Latin DanceSport Competition in Experienced Latin Dancers Encarnación Liébana, Cristina Monleón, Consuelo Moratal, Amador Garcia-Ramos
45Kinematic Analysis of the Coupling Between Calcaneal Eversion and Ankle Dorsiflexion in a Contemporary Dancer's Demi-Plié Anna Schrefl, Rolf van de Langenberg, Andrea Schärli
54Implementation of Calf Endurance Training in a Touring Group of Professional Circus Performers: A Feasibility Study Charlotte Ganderton, Michael Henry, Andrew Walker, Paul McGinley, Evert Verhagen


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The Voice The Voice
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Performing Arts Medicine, 3rd ed. Performing Arts Medicine, 3rd ed.
Edited by Robert T. Sataloff, Alice G. Brandfonbrener, and Richard J. Lederman
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In memory of
Alice G. Brandfonbrener, MD

A pioneer in the field of performing arts medicine
and founding editor of MPPA.

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