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Medical Problems of Performing Artists
Information for Prospective Authors

Revised March 1, 2017

Medical Problems of Performing Artists provides a worldwide forum for professionals involved in all fields of practice and research related to the medical and psychological problems of performing artists, including problems affecting musicians, dancers, vocalists, actors, and others.

MPPA is pleased to consider original research studies, case reports, personal essays, review articles, book reviews, and letters to the editor with the understanding that they have not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere.
Manuscript Submission Guidelines
  1. Author-suggested reviewers: Authors submitting papers to MPPA should include the names of 4 potential qualified reviewers for their paper. Reviewers should have demonstrated published expertise in the topic area and be from outside the author's institution and not a research partner. Please provide names, institutional affiliation, and email.
  2. Ethical approval: All studies involving human subjects require ethics committee and/or institutional review board (IRB) approval, which should be clearly noted in the Methods section of the paper. This includes interventional studies but also observational studies, surveys, and interviews. If an IRB determines that a study is exempt, a letter from the IRB granting the waiver should be submitted with the manuscript.


Manuscripts should be submitted with a cover letter indicating the name, address, telephone/fax numbers, and e-mail address of the person responsible for correspondence regarding the manuscript. Authors must disclose any financial support or grants supporting this research, including the grantee's name and identifying grant numbers. Authors must disclose in their cover letter any financial or other conflicts of interest that may influence interpretation of their study results, and the study should have been performed following standard ethical guidelines for human and animal subjects. For human studies, IRB approval is required and should be noted in the text.

With the submitted paper, a statement must be included, signed by all authors, that says:
"All authors certify that we have participated substantially in the conception, design, analysis, and writing of this study, and we have approved the manuscript and agree with its submission to Medical Problems of Performing Artists. This manuscript represents original, unpublished material and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere, nor has it been posted on the Internet for public access.
"In consideration of Medical Problems of Performing Artists taking action in reviewing and editing my submission, the author(s) undersigned agrees to transfer, assign, or otherwise convey all copyright ownership to Science & Medicine, Inc., in the event that such work is published in Medical Problems of Performing Artists. If the paper is accepted for publication, the authors agree that it will not be published elsewhere or posted on the Internet, in whole or part, without the consent of Medical Problems of Performing Artists."
Copyright: Manuscripts accepted for publication are copyrighted by the publisher in the issue published and may not be reproduced elsewhere or posted in whole or part on the internet without written permission.

For digital archives, on written request, MPPA will grant permission to authors to post their prepublication manuscripts in University digital archives or similar centrally organized repositories, provided the works appear 12 months after publication in MPPA.

Authors have the option to publish their paper under Open Access, whereby, for a charge, their paper will be made freely available online on publication. Information will be provided with the author proof. The charge for Open Access is $2,800 USD per paper.

Format: Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with International Committee of Medical Editors Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts ( Papers are to be submitted in standard word-processing format (e.g., MS Word) via e-mail. If the file is large, figures, tables, and photos may be submitted as separate files. Alternatively, contact the publisher to arrange submission of large files.

Authors requiring assistance with English language for their papers are encouraged to contact a professional translation service before submission of their manuscript. This is not mandatory but may help ensure that the academic content of your paper is fully understood by the editors and reviewers.

  • Text length will vary with content, with lengths being approximately:
    Original articles -- 3500 words, 40 refs, 6 tables/figures
    Brief/case reports -- 1800 words, 15 refs, 3 tables/figures
    Letters -- 750 words, 5 refs, 1 table/figure
  • Title page should include the following: title; authors, with highest earned degrees, titles, and institutional affiliations; name, mailing address, phone/fax numbers, and e-mail address of the corresponding author; acknowledgment of grants or funding, any conflicts of interest, and prior presentation.
  • An abstract not exceeding 250 words that summarizes the objective, methods, results, and conclusion of the study must be included with all articles.
  • IRB approval, when applicable, must be noted in the text (Methods).
  • Borrowed materials must be fully identified, and written permission provided from both the author and publisher. Please include copies of permission letters when submitting the manuscript.
  • Tables and illustrations are encouraged. All tables and illustrations must be cited, in order, in the text. Tables should be provided in word-processing format. Figures should be professionally prepared or generated by spreadsheet or presentation software (e.g., Excel, PowerPoint, etc.). Figures should be submitted as high-resolution digital or electronic files (JPEF or TIFF format, 300 ppi or higher preferred) or in native format. Videos are permitted and can be posted on the journal website.
  • The cost for printing color figures in the print journal is $350 per figure.
  • References should be cited consecutively and listed numerically as they appear in the text. For reference style, please see the National Library of Medicine "Citing Medicine": Material from online sources should list the URL and date accessed. DOI numbers should be included for all references.
  • Examples are shown of a journal article, book, and website citation:

    Kenny DT, Driscoll T, Ackermann BJ. Is playing in the pit really the pits? Med Probl Perform Art 2016;31(1):1-7. doi: 10.21091/mppa.2016.1001

    Bowie EA, Brimer KM, Kidder MS, et al: Median and ulnar nerve conduction studies in young adult violinists. Med Probl Perform Art 2000;15(3):123-128.

    Sataloff RT, Brandfonbrener AG, Lederman RJ (eds): Textbook of Performing Arts Medicine, 3rd ed. Narberth, PA; Science & Medicine, 2010

    About tinnitus [webpage]. Portland, OR, American Tinnitus Association, 2007. Available from; accessed Sep 21, 2008.

Review Process

All manuscripts are read by the editor and are subject to peer-review by the editor, editorial board, and/or other experts in the field. Manuscripts are judged on their originality, methods, presentation, and appropriateness for the journal. MPPA adheres to ICMJE and COPE guidelines. Most manuscripts require revisions before acceptance by the journal. Accepted manuscripts will be copyedited to eliminate grammatical errors, enhance clarity, and conform to journal style. The first author (or corresponding author) will receive PDF proofs of the edited article via email prior to publication and is responsible for proofreading the article in entirety. After publication, articles will be posted on the journal's website,

Indexing: The journal content is listed in
  • MEDLINE/PubMed (2010 forward)
  • Current Contents/Arts & Humanities, ISI/BIOMED
  • Excerpta Medica/EMBASE
  • International Index to Music Periodicals
  • the Music Index
  • RILM (Répertoire Internationale de Littérature Musicale) Abstracts of Music Literature.

Open Access and Digital Archives

Authors have the option to publish their paper under Open Access, whereby, for a charge, their paper will be made freely available online on publication. Information will be provided with the author proof and payment must be made to the publisher before papers can be posted online. The charge for Open Access is $2,800 USD per paper (subject to change).

For university archives, NIH public access, or similar centrally organized repositories, authors may post a prepublication manuscript no sooner than 12 months after publication in the journal. Authors should note on their manuscript that the paper has been published in MPPA, with the date, volume, and page numbers. Only authors who have opted for the journal's Open Access may post their final published PDF.

Authors wishing to post copies of their papers on personal websites should post the original manuscript, noting that the paper has been published in MPPA. Posting papers with other services or websites is prohibited without written permission from the publisher.


Reprints may be purchased from the publisher.

Manuscripts should be submitted to the journal via e-mail to:
[email protected]

Science & Medicine, Inc.
P.O. Box 313, Narberth, PA 19072
(610) 660-8097       (800) 888-0028
fax (610) 660-0348
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