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1991, Volume 6

Medical Problems of Performing Artists - Volume 6 Issue 4
Volume 6, Number 4
December 1991

Table of Contents:
109The challenge of occupational cramp [Editorial] Richard J. Lederman (Guest Editorial) View this article for Free!
110Dystonia: phenomology, classification, etiology, genetics, and pathology Stanley Fahn
116Investigation and treatment of dystonia C. David Marsden
122Botulinum toxin therapy for focal dystonia Joseph Jankovic
128Characteristics and treatment of laryngeal dystonias affecting voice users Christy L. Ludlow
132Focal dystonias in instrumentalists: clinical features Richard J. Lederman
137Treatment of musicians cramp with botulinum toxin Reginald A. Cole, Leonardo G. Cohen, Mark Hallett
144Book Notes [Book Review] George H. Pollock View this article for Free!

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Medical Problems of Performing Artists - Volume 6 Issue 3
Volume 6, Number 3
September 1991

Table of Contents:
77"R" is for rest [Editorial] Alice G. Brandfonbrener View this article for Free!
78The orgainizational aspects of classical ballet: transference and the role of the leader Linda H. Hamilton, George Stricker, Lawrence Josephs
84Scoliosis in ballet dancers Priya Akella, Michelle P. Warren, Suhasini Jonnavithula, J. Brooks-Gunn
87Consultation and psychotherapy for professional dancers: overview and general observations Stanley E. Greben
90An orthotic device to prevent thumb joint hypertension following carpometacarpal arthritis surgery: a case study Jon D. Marion, Joseph E. Sheppard
93Interobserver and Intraobserver reliability of postural examination Willem C.G. Blanken, Henk van der Rijst, Paul G.H. Mulder, Marjon D.F. van Eijsden-Besseling, Gustaaf J. Lankhorst
98Where has Gypsy Rose Lee's mother gone? Or the family background of talented students under psychiatric treatment Bonnie E. Robson, Margarita Gitev
103Coughing and coughing/clearing: normal and professional voice care Robert J. Feder
105Losing one's lip and other problems of embouchure Per Brevig

Medical Problems of Performing Artists - Volume 6 Issue 2
Volume 6, Number 2
June 1991

Table of Contents:
0Book Notes [Book Review] Alan H. Lockwood View this article for Free!
37Special treatment for musicians: some specific hazards of elective surgery [Editorial] Alice G. Brandfonbrener View this article for Free!
39Classical ballet: balancing the costs of artistry and athleticism Linda H. Hamilton, William G. Hamilton
45Dance science and dance medicine: an overview of the current scene Jan Dunn
48Pseudoephedrine for focal dystonia Richard A. Hoppmann, John B. O'Brien, Deborah Chodacki, Thomas C. Chenier
51EMG potentials prior to tone commencement in trumpet players Frank Heuser, Jill L. McNitt-Gray
57A fresh look at the overuse syndrome in musical performers: is "overuse" overused? Heinz I. Lippmann
61Beta-blockers: effects on performing musicians Jacqueline Nube
69The impact of impact: the percussionist's shoulder Jennifer Judkins
71Boris Gudonov: the corrupting influence of power Eric A. Plaut

Medical Problems of Performing Artists - Volume 6 Issue 1
Volume 6, Number 1
March 1991

Table of Contents:
1Dance science: genesis of a subspecialty [Editorial] Diana Schnitt (Guest Editorial) View this article for Free!
3Identification, retrieval, and analysis of arts medicine literature David J. Goode, Sarah-Patsy Knight
8Design and implementation of a performing artists' health program in Canada John Chong, Christine Zaza, Frank Smith
11Further observations on the epidemology of hand injuries in music students Ralph A. Manchester, Douglas Flieder
15In search of perfection Bonnie E. Robson, Margarita Gitev
21Sigmund Freud: on pianists' performance problems Cora L. Diaz de Chumaceiro
28Liberating the ring finger Dr. William S. Forbes
31The value of mechanical apparatus for cultivation of techic William H. Dana

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