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2017, Volume 32

Medical Problems of Performing Artists - Volume 32 Issue 4
Volume 32, Number 4
December 2017

Table of Contents:
187Phonomicrosurgery in Vocal Fold Nodules: Quantification of Outcomes in Professional and Non-Professional Voice Users Philipp P. Caffier, Tatjana Salmen, Tatiana Ermakova, Eleanor Forbes, Seo-Rin Ko, Wen Song, Manfred Gross, Tadeus Nawka
195Musculoskeletal Symptoms Among Finnish Professional Orchestra Musicians Katriina Viljamaa, Juha Liira, Seppo Kaakkola, Aslak Savolainen
201Fundamental Tongue Motions for Trumpet Playing: A Study Using Cine Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Cine MRI) Hiroko Furuhashi, Toru Chikui, Daisuke Inadomi, Tomoko Shiraishi, Kazunori Yoshiura
209Movements of the Tongue during Lip Trills in Horn Players: Real-Time MRI Insights Peter W. Iltis, Jens Frahm, Dirk Voit, Arun Joseph, Eckart Altenmüller, Aaron Miller
215Musicians are High Consumers of Complementary and Alternative Healthcare Services: The Norwegian Musicians Health Project Jonas Vaag, Ottar Bjerkeset
221Gender Diversity, Sexual Orientation, and Bone Health in the Maturing Dancer [Review] Derrick D. Brown
227Eating Disorders in Non-Dance Performing Artists: A Systematic Literature Review [Review] Marianna Evangelia Kapsetaki, Charlie Easmon
235Medical Issues in Playing the Oboe: A Literature Review [Review] Sofia Banzhoff, Maria del Mar Ropero, Gabriele Menzel, Tatjana Salmen, Manfred Gross, Philipp P. Caffier
247Celebrating Our Reviewers [2017] [Editorial] Bronwen J. Ackermann View this article for Free!

Medical Problems of Performing Artists - Volume 32 Issue 3
Volume 32, Number 3
September 2017

Table of Contents:
125Playing the Clarinet: Influence of Body Posture on Muscle Activity and Sound Quality V.A.E. Baadjou, M.D.F. van Eijsden-Besseling, J.A.M.C.F. Verbunt, R.A. de Bie, R.P.J. Geers, R.J.E.M. Smeets, H.A.M. Seelen
132Reducing Risk of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss in Collegiate Music Ensembles Using Ambient Technology Jason Powell, Kris Chesky
139Analysis of High-Density Surface EMG and Finger Pressure in the Left Forearm of Violin Players: A Feasibility Study Paolo Cattarello, Roberto Merletti, Francesco Petracca
152Overuse Injuries in Professional Anatolian Folk Dancers: A Descriptive Study Verified with MRI Neslihan Aksu, Vefa Atansay, Taner Aksu, Sukriye Damla Kara, Safiye Koculu, Isik Karalok
159Effect of Arm Position on Width of the Subacromial Space of Upper String Musicians Elliot V. Smithson, Elizabeth Reed Smith, Gary McIlvain, Mark K. Timmons
165Leg-Length in Relation to Selected Ballet Performance Indicators C.C. Karpodini, M.A. Wyon, N. Comoutos, Y. Koutedakis
170Epidemiology of Dance-Related Injuries Presenting to Emergency Departments in the United States, 2000-2013 Amy Jo Vassallo, Claire Hiller, Emmanuel Stamatakis, Evangelos Pappas
176Analysis of Anteroposterior Spinal Curvatures in Child Violinists from Music Schools Anna Cyganska, Aleksandra Truszczynska-Baszak, Justyna Drzal-Grabiec, Adam Tarnowski
180Towards a Japanese PAMA: The Japan Musicians' Medicine Conference [Performing Arts Medicine Abroad] Naotaka Sakai View this article for Free!
181SaludarteHabana 2016: International Congress on Diseases and Rehabilitation of Professionals in the Arts [Performing Arts Medicine Abroad] David Hinkamp View this article for Free!
182Musculoskeletal Problems in Performers [letter] [Letter] David Fielding View this article for Free!
183The Sickness of Stigmas [Editorial] Bronwen J. Ackermann View this article for Free!

Medical Problems of Performing Artists - Volume 32 Issue 2
Volume 32, Number 2
June 2017

Table of Contents:
63Influence of Textured Insoles on Dynamic Postural Balance of Young Dancers Nili Steinberg, Oren Tirosh, Roger Adams, Janet Karin, Gordon Waddington
71Thumb-Rest Position and its Role in Neuromuscular Control of the Clarinet Task Kathryn E. Young, Sara A. Winges
78Effect of the Alexander Technique on Muscle Activation, Movement Kinematics, and Performance Quality in Collegiate Violinists and Violists: A Pilot Feasibility Study Rachelle C. Wolf, Harvey P. Thurmer, William P. Berg, Henry E. Cook, L. James Smart
85Torso and Bowing Arm Three-Dimensional Joint Kinematics of Elite Cellists: Clinical and Pedagogical Implications for Practice Luke Hopper, Cliffton Chan, Suzanne Wijsman, Timothy Ackland, Peter Visentin, Jacqueline Alderson
94Comparing the Impact of Specific Strength Training vs General Fitness Training on Professional Symphony Orchestra Musicians: A Feasibility Study [MPPA Open Access] Lotte Nygaard Andersen, Stephanie Mann, Birgit Juul-Kristensen, Karen Søgaard View this article for Free!
101In Their Own Words: Interviews with Musicians Reveal the Advantages and Disadvantages of Wearing Earplugs Elizabeth Francis Beach, Ian O'Brien
111Biopsychosocial Factors Associated with Foot and Ankle Pain and Injury in Irish Dance: A Prospective Study Roisin Cahalan, Helen Purtill, Kieran O'Sullivan
118Musculoskeletal Problems in Pianists and Their Influence on Professional Activity Maria Rosa Ciurana Monino, Jaume Rosset-Llobet, Luis Cibanal Juan, Maria Dolores Garcia Manzanares, Juan Diego Ramos-Pichardo
123Medicine, Performing Arts, and Science--Dancing to the Same Tune [Editorial] Bronwen J. Ackermann View this article for Free!

Medical Problems of Performing Artists - Volume 32 Issue 1
Volume 32, Number 1
March 2017

Table of Contents:
1Physical Activity Participation and Nutrition and Physical Activity Knowledge in University Dance Students Katherine Hanna, Anne Hanley, Avril Huddy, Michael McDonald, Fiona Willer
8Association of Arm Position and Playing Time with Prevalence of Complaints of the Arm, Neck, and/or Shoulder (CANS) in Amateur Musicians: A Cross-Sectional Pilot Study Among University Students Laura M. Kok, Bionka M.A. Huisstede, Taco J. Douglas, Rob G.H.H. Nelissen
13Gender Differences in Mortality and Morbidity Patterns in Popular Musicians Across the Lifespan Dianna T. Kenny, Anthony Asher
20A Cross-Sectional Study of Pain Among U.S. College Music Students and Faculty Jeremy L. Stanek, Kevin D. Komes, Fred A. Murdock, Jr.
27 Prevalence and Associated Factors of Playing-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders in Brazilian Violin Players Frederico Barreto Kochem, Julio Guilherme Silva
33Movements of the Glottis During Horn Performance: A Pilot Study Peter W. Iltis, Sarah L. Gillespie, Jens Frahm, Dirk Voit, Arun Joseph, Eckart Altenmuller
40The Relationship Between Muscular Strength and Dance Injuries: A Systematic Review [Review] João Paulo Moita, Alexandre Nunes, José Esteves, Raul Oliveira, Luis Xarez
51Musculoskeletal Injury Profile of Circus Artists: A Systematic Review of the Literature [Review] H.E.G. Wolfenden, M. Angioi
60Could the Addition of Alexander Technique Improve the Effectiveness of Physical Therapy in Reducing Violinists' Neck Pain in Comparison to Physical Therapy Alone? [Letter] Arman Taheri, Mahbod Lajevardi, Sanaz Shabani, Sara Emami, Hassan Sharifi View this article for Free!
61How much training is too much? [Editorial] Bronwen J. Ackermann View this article for Free!

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