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2019, Volume 34

Medical Problems of Performing Artists - Volume 34 Issue 4
Volume 34, Number 4
December 2019

Table of Contents:
0MPPA Dec issue delayed in printing - PUBLISHERS NOTE
171Eating Disorder Symptoms in Australian Actors and Performing Artists Marianna Szabó, Mitchell L. Cunningham, Mark Seton, Ian Maxwell
179Marker-Based Method for Analyzing the Three-Dimensional Upper Body Kinematics of Violinists and Violists: Development and Clinical Feasibility Eduard Wolf, Dirk Möller, Nikolaus Ballenberger, Karsten Morisse, Christoff Zalpour
191An Exploratory Pilot Study of Brain Activation and Functional Connectivity Induced by the Goldberg Variations 276 years after their Commission C. Karmonik, Makiko Hirata, Saba Elias, J. Todd Frazier
198The Lived Experience of Orchestral String Musicians with Playing Related Pain Deanna Bourne, Amy Hallaran, Jane Mackie
205HDsEMG Activity of the Lumbar Erector Spinae in Violin Players: Comparison of Two Chairs Alessandro Russo, Alejandra Aranceta-Garza, Samuel D'Emanuele, Francesca Serafino, Roberto Merletti
215Playing-Related Injuries and Posture Among Saxophonists Chelsea Shanoff, Kyurim Kang, Christine Guptill, Michael Thaut
222Exploring the Use of Psychological Skills Training Interventions in a Music Domain: A Systematic Review [Review] Jessica Ford, Monna Arvinen-Barrow
230The Digital Era of Performing Arts Medicine Research [Editorial] Bronwen J. Ackermann View this article for Free!
232ERRATUM: Table of Contents, September 2019 View this article for Free!

Medical Problems of Performing Artists - Volume 34 Issue 3
Volume 34, Number 3
September 2019

Table of Contents:
0Table of contents, Sep 2019 View this article for Free!
125Sleep and Fatigue of Elite Circus Student-Artists During One Year of Training Adam Decker, Patrice Aubertin, Dean Kriellaars
132Intra- and Inter-individual Movement Variability of Upper Limb Movements of Ballet Dancers Yui Kawano, Mayumi Kuno-Mizumura
141Relationship of Popliteus Sulcus Depth and Tibiofemoral Rotational Alignment with Popliteus Tendinitis in Professional Folk Dancers Exposed to Turnout Positions: An MRI Analysis Emel Kaya Aumann, Taner Aksu, Vefa Atansay, Ayhan Nedim Kara, Neslihan Aksu
147An Exploration of Pre-Professional Dancers' Beliefs of the Low Back and Dance-Specific Low Back Movements Danica Hendry, Leon Straker, Amity Campbell, Luke Hopper, Rhianna Tunks, Peter O'Sullivan
154Associations Between Balance Ability and Dance Performance Using Field Balance Tests Frances Clarke, Yiannis Koutedakis, Margaret Wilson, Matthew Wyon
161What Do We Know About How Acute Physical Fatigue Affects Movement in Dancers?: A Systematic Review of the Literature [Review] Danielle N. Jarvis, Rachel E. Abergel
169Health on the Move--Challenges in Work and Lifestyle Changes for Performing Artists [Editorial] Bronwen J. Ackerman View this article for Free!

Medical Problems of Performing Artists - Volume 34 Issue 2
Volume 34, Number 2
June 2019

Table of Contents:
63The Life History of Performance Anxiety in Japanese Professional Orchestral Players: A Case Series Shizuka Sutani, Taichi Akutsu
72Fight Song on Mute: University Pep Band Member Noise Dosages and Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Knowledge Evan Edwards
79Relationship Between Performance Competence and Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Contemporary Dance Sarah C. Needham-Beck, Matthew A. Wyon, Emma Redding
85A Revised Occupational Stress Measure for Popular Musicians: Pilot Test of Validity and Reliability Benjamin King, Lloyd Berg, Jessica Koenig, J. Jade Adair, Carlos Tirado
92Causes of Death of Professional Musicians in the Classical Genre Tuire Kuusi, Jari Haukka, Liisa Myllykangas, Irma Järvelä
98Sound Exposure of Secondary School Music Students During Individual Study Matilde A. Rodrigues, Sandra Gonçalves, Paula Neves, Manuela V. Silva
102Unusual Cause of Lateral Elbow Pain: A Case Report of Anconeus Muscle Contusion [Case Reports] Muhsin Engin Uluc, Atilla Hikmet Cilengir, Cemal Kazimoglu, Özgür Tosun
105Health Education Literacy and Accessibility for Musicians: A Global Approach. Report from the Worldwide Universities Network Project Vera A. Baadjou, Suzanne I. Wijsman, Jane Ginsborg, Christine Guptill, Rae de Lisle, Bridget Rennie-Salonen, Peter Visentin, Bronwen J. Ackermann
108Health Status of Live Theater Actors: A Systematic Literature Review [Review] Eric Martin, Claudio Battaglini
118Is It Anxiety or Arousal That Can Facilitate Musical Performance? [Letter] Patrick Gannon View this article for Free!
120The Piano and the Couch: Music and Psyche. By Margret Elson [Book Review] Michael D. Singer View this article for Free!
122Diversity and training in performing arts medicine [Editorial] Bronwen J. Ackermann View this article for Free!

Medical Problems of Performing Artists - Volume 34 Issue 1
Volume 34, Number 1
March 2019

Table of Contents:
1 Measuring Training Load in Dance: The Construct Validity of Session-RPE Brenton Surgenor, Matthew Wyon
6Towards Consensus on Clinical Assessment of Embouchure in Brass Players: A Delphi Study Kees H. Woldendorp, Elise Ploos van Amstel, Hans Boschma, Anne M. Boonstra, Hans J. Arendzen, Michiel F. Reneman
14Exploring Professional Circus Artists' Experience of Performance-Related Injury and Management: A Qualitative Study Timothée Cayrol, Emma Godfrey, Jerry Draper-Rodi, Lindsay Bearne
25Decreased Bone Mineral Density in Forearm vs Loaded Skeletal Sites in Professional Ballet Dancers Joanna Gorwa, Jacek Zielinski, Wojciech Wolanski, Robert Michnik, Dawid Larysz, Lechoslaw B. Dworak, Krzysztof Kusy
33Tongue Position Variability During Sustained Notes in Healthy vs Dystonic Horn Players Using Real-Time MRI Peter W. Iltis, Jens Frahm, Eckart Altenmüller, Dirk Voit, Arun Joseph, Kevin Kozakowski
39Use of a Shoulder Rest for Playing the Violin Revisited: An Analysis of the Effect of Shoulder Rest Height on Muscle Activity, Violin Fixation Force, and Player Comfort Laura M. Kok, Jim Schrijvers, Marta Fiocco, Barend van Royen, Jaap Harlaar
47Career Transitions for the Young Dancer: Considering Psychological Implications, Challenges with Athletic Identity, and Need for Available Resources [Review] Kelsey L. Griffith, Marina G. Gearhart, Dai Sugimoto, Ellen T. Geminiani, Andrea Stracciolini
53Current Approaches for Management of Music Performance Anxiety: An Introductory Overview [Review] Katie Zhukov
61Health literacy and health promotion challenges in performing arts medicine [Editorial] Bronwen J. Ackerman View this article for Free!

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