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By Howard M. Spiro

The familiar musings of Howard Spiro extol the humanitarian spirit in life and medicine, even as new technologies dominate. His complete essays, published in Science & Medicine since 1994, are collected together in a handsome volume.

Hardbound, 100 pages, October 2004
$32.00 (plus $4 S&H in US; $6 outside US)
Applicable taxes are included in S&H

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The Optimist by Howard M. Spiro

Tolling the Truth (part II)
Jun 2005

Tolling the truth (part I)
Apr 2005

Passion past and purpose
Feb 2005

Loyalty in medical practice View this article for Free!
Dec 2003

Culture and cure
Oct 2003

What comes around
Feb 2003

Confessing disability View this article for Free!
Oct 2002

Antiquarian anatomy
Aug 2002

Precision... and progress?
Jun 2002

Defervescing diligence with dignity
Apr 2002

Gastroenterology's next 20 years
Feb 2002

A Roman banquet View this article for Free!
Feb 2002

Virtual gastroenterology
Jun 2000

Irritable bowel alchemy
Apr 2000

E-Publishing: virtual and virtuous
Feb 2000

Hospitalists are here to stay
Dec 1999

Vigilance and valetudinarianism View this article for Free!
Oct 1999

Doctors as gods
Aug 1999

Doctors at rest
Jun 1999

Awe and ugh: two medical meetings
Apr 1999

Food for thought
Feb 1999

Facilitating the faculty
Dec 1998

Saintliness and sanity
Oct 1998

Dr. Doe, please do
Aug 1998

Somatization and psyche
Jun 1998

Zufall zeal
Apr 1998

Professional courtesy is not obsolete
Feb 1998

Welch, Winternitz, and a wonderful institute
Dec 1997

Bacteria and the bandwagon
Oct 1997

Clouds and crowds
Aug 1997

Gastroenterology is more than technology
Jun 1997

Costumes of conformity
Apr 1997

We can be optimistic about managed care
Feb 1997

If it ain't broke
Dec 1996

When a food is not just a food
Oct 1996

Too many specialists or too many generalists?
Aug 1996

Delusions and dementia in the old after operation
Jun 1996

The art and science of placebos
Apr 1996

Loyalty and managed care
Feb 1996

Guilt and shame in Vienna and Boston
Dec 1995

Facing up to patterns
Oct 1995

Family values: genes or jeans
Aug 1995

The problems of pain
Jun 1995

Remembering the History
Apr 1995

Science in practice
Feb 1995

Psychosomatic and holistic medicine
Dec 1994

Everything's coming up lilies
Oct 1994

When I got sick
Aug 1994

Images and realities
Jun 1994

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