Performing Arts Medicine, 3rd ed.Medical Problems of Performing Artists

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Performing Arts Medicine, 3rd ed.

Table of Contents:
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1The Evolution of Performing Arts Medicine Susan E. Harman
25Etiologies of Medical Problems in Performing Artists Alice G. Brandfonbrener
51Neurological Problems of Performing Artists Richard J. Lederman
77Ophthalmology and the Performing Artist Michael F. Marmor
87Hearing Loss in Singers and Other Musicians Robert Thayer Sataloff, Joseph Sataloff, Mary J. Hawkshaw
103Medical History in Voice Patients Robert Thayer Sataloff, Mary J. Hawkshaw, Joseph Anticaglia
121Physical Examination for Voice Patients Robert T. Sataloff
133Common Medical Diagnoses and Treatments for Patients Voice Robert T. Sataloff, Mary J. Hawkshaw
151Temporomandibular Joint Disorders, Facial Pain, and Dental Problems in Performing Artists James A. Howard
197Respiratory Dysfunction in Vocalists and Wind Instrumentalists Robert T. Sataloff, John R. Cohn, Mary Hawkshaw
207Musculoskeletal Problems of Instrumental Musicians Richard A. Hoppmann
229The Instrumentalist's Arm and Hand - Surgery and Rehabilitation Ian Winspur, Joan Warrington
247Therapeutic Management of the Injured Musician Bronwen J. Ackermann
271Foot and Ankle Injuries in Dancers George Shybut
285Low Back and Lower Extremity Injuries in Dancers Fredric A. Kleinbart, Heather McElroy
311AIDS: Implications for the Performing Arts Community K. Holly Gallivan, Robert T. Sataloff
319Psychiatric Issues and Performing Artists David A. Sasso
343Psychological Aspects of the Development of Exceptional Young Performers and Prodigies Kyle D. Pruett
353Psychological Aspects of Voice Disorders Deborah Caputo Rosen, Reinhardt J. Heuer, David A. Sasso, Robert T. Sataloff
381Psychological Issues in the Clinical Approach to Dancers Bonnie E. Robson
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