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Medical History in Voice Patients

Robert Thayer Sataloff, Mary J. Hawkshaw, Joseph Anticaglia
From: Performing Arts Medicine, 3rd ed.: Chapter 6 © 2010; page: 1103

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Abstract: A thorough and expert history is essential for patients with voice complaints, and often, a careful history will uncover the etiology even before physical examination and testing are completed. The population of voice professionals includes singers and actors but also many other professional voice users, such as teachers, sales people, attorneys, clergy, physicians, politicians, telephone receptionists, and anyone whose ability to earn a living is impaired by a voice dysfunction. A history must include information about the entire body, since systemic problems commonly cause voice disorders. The scope of inquiry and examination for most voice patients is similar, except that performing voice professionals have unique needs, which require additional history and examination. Questions must be added regarding performance commitments, professional status and voice goals, the amount and nature of voice training, the performance environment, rehearsal practices, abusive habits during speech and singing, and many other matters. Such supplementary information is essential to proper treatment selection and patient counseling. An appendix is provided with a Patient History Form for the Professional Voice User.

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