The Voice: A Medical Guide for Achieving and Maintaining a Healthy Voice
The Voice
A Medical Guide for Achieving and
Maintaining a Healthy Voice

Yolanda D. Heman-Ackah
Robert T. Sataloff
Mary J. Hawkshaw

Available in print and downloadable e-book formats:
  • e-Book: download full book, pdf format.
  • Print: soft-cover, color, 7 x 10 inches.
  • Full color, 166 pages, with 64 illustrations.
Published May 2013. ISBN 978-0-9758862-4-3.

A book written for professional voice users that explains the mechanics of voice production, the care of the voice, and common medical conditions that can affect voice users.

ALL professional voice users - whether singers and actors, teachers, lawyers, sports coaches, television hosts, salesmen, or business executives - depend on their voices in their profession. Often, the circumstances of voice use are not ideal, and difficulties can develop. This book is an informational source for professional voice users on how to care for and maintain the longevity of their voice. The authors are doctors and nurses whose medical practice specializes in the care of voice professionals. This is not a book on vocal pedagogy or training, but rather a guide to common medical problems that can affect the voice and to common vocal difficulties that can develop from ineffective voice use.

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  1. Introduction and Authors ... i-x
  2. Anatomy: Where is the Voice Produced? ... 1
  3. How is the Voice Produced? The Mechanics of Voice Production ... 15
  4. How Do I Maintain Longevity of My Voice? ... 27
  5. How Do I Find a Doctor and Voice Care Team? ... 37
  6. When Should I See a Voice Doctor? ... 51
  7. What Can I Expect During a Visit to the Voice Doctor? ... 59
  8. What Are the Possible Causes of My Voice Problem? ... 77
  9. What is Reflux and How Does it Contribute to Voice Problems? ... 103
  10. What Does it Mean to Have a "Weak" Vocal Fold? ... 119
  11. What are Non-Surgical Options for Treating Voice Problems? ... 129
  12. When is Voice Surgery Indicated? ... 135
  13. Index ... 151

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